ZOLÀ's limited edition, beautifully unique fashion prints are created solely by the hand of artist, photographer and designer Zoë Lower. 

She manipulates her own paintings and images, from flowers to ocean landscapes, to create captivating kaleidoscopes and fashion artworks. Zoë also directs and shoots all of the imagery for the brand's campaigns. 

Through incorporating all of these elements, from art direction to design, printmaking to photography, ZOLÀ acts as a projection of its creator, with a truly unique brand identity that stands out from the crowd. 



Born from a love of festivals and all things vibrant and colourful, ZOLÀ launched its debut collection in the UK in July 2014. From London to Australia, we have chased the sunshine to keep ZOLÀ in it's element all year round.

The production of each collection is restricted to small limited edition runs by season. Individuality and style are the essence of ZOLÀ - we value the importance of searching for those undiscovered brands that help every girl peacock her way through life.


If you have any questions about the collection or are interested in stocking some pieces in your store then please contact Zoë at zola@zola-london.co.uk